Sleeving/Carrying Solutions

capability150tShrink sleeves offer a fully maximized canvas for shelf impact, branding, marketing, and product information on glass, metal, plastic, etc. For shrink sleeves to work the product container must have a contour for the shrink to hold on to. In most cases shrink sleeving does come at a premium cost, but the finished product provides eye appeal for optimum consumer brand exposure.

Collars, paperboard baskets, paperboard overwraps, cartons, corrugated fiberboard boxes, plastic handles, and shrink packs are some of the most popular options when considering carrying solutions.

We provide a variety of shrink sleeves and carrying solutions capabilities to ensure your brand is packaged with quality for superior presentation and efficiency to meet deadline requirements.  Call 1-866-453-8324 or click here and let’s incorporate our combined qualities to develop solutions to your needs.

  • Single or multi-unit
  • Variety packs
  • Date coding
  • Product storage