capability150tWe’ve helped some of the most popular consumer brands execute the necessity to re-pack or re-label consumer products in required turnaround time to ensure their products are in retail locations quickly. In most cases your brands reach the retail destination packaged in multi-flavored or multi-product configurations and meet or exceed sales expectations.

However, there are times when sales expectations are not meet and pre-stock inventory volumes are high. In these cases it may be in the best economic interest to have the pre-stock inventory re-packed to a different configuration for better sales results. Re-labeling often occurs to include new content or cover content that doesn’t met regulations, or for UPC scanning purposes.

We provide a variety of re-packing and labeling capabilities to ensure quick turnaround time to get your brand back to the retailer to meet or exceed sales expectations. Call 1-866-453-8324 or click here and let’s incorporate our combined qualities to develop solutions to your needs.

  • Single or multi-unit
  • Supported or unsupported
  • Variety of printed or clear films
  • Bundling
  • Date coding
  • Product storage