Blister Pack/Clamshell

capability150tPharmaceutical tablets and capsules, toys, hardware, foods, and small consumer goods are some of the most common products packaged in blister packs. Blister packs typically have a paperboard, aluminum foil, or plastic backing that creates a degree of tamper resistance and provides barrier protection to avoid contamination and to meet shelf-life requirements.

Unlike the blister pack a clamshell package is hinged. Clamshell packaging is often used for toys, hardware, electronics, and small high-value consumer goods that are odd in shape and need extra tamper resistant protection. The clamshell works well as a security package to deter package pilferage.

We provide a variety of blister pack and clamshell capabilities to ensure your brand is packaged with quality for superior presentation and efficiency to meet deadline requirements.  Call 1-866-453-8324 or click here and let’s incorporate our combined qualities to develop solutions to your needs.

  • Single or multi-unit
  • Variety packs
  • Date coding
  • Product storage